Quaking in Me Stackheels: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Your First Public Performance


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Have you got what it takes to stand up on a stage in front of a sea of expectant strangers and wow them with your pearls of wit and wisdom or are you too scared of what might happen to you if the crowd suddenly turned ugly? Remember, there are more of them than there are of you and they know who you are! Have you ever wanted to know how to control an audience or to put a heckler in their place? Would you know how to prepare your show for maximum audience impact? And what exactly do you know about microphone technique and presentation? If you are a singer, a poet, a comedian or a public speaker of any kind; or if you would just like to know how to appear more confident in company than you naturally feel, then let Paul Eccentric, performance poet, singer, stage director, compere and all-round show-off, talk you through the tricks of the trade, learned the hard way over his 25-year career stomping the boards in big boots…
Invaluable lessons for any would-be performer
Paul Eccentric is a poet, novelist, singer, lyricist, playwright and director. He has also been coaching performers in the art of confidence and surviving their first night since 2009. Among his various musical forays into the worlds of jazz, punk, polka, skiffle, swing and doowop, Paul has both written and sung for The Odd Eccentric since 1984 and The Senti-Mentals since 1998. He has published two solo poetry collections Lyrical Quibble & Quip and The Kult of the Kazoo, and a novel Down Among the Ordinaries. As one half of The Antipoet he has released two beat poetry CDs, Tights Not Stockings and Hanging with Poets. His most recent albums Odds ‘n Sods and Who Knows, Who Cares? are available from Doopop Records.!
– 64 pages
Published by Desert Hearts, July 2011