Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Musical


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‘A bizarre mix of spoof and satire’ – The Virgin Encyclopedia of Stage & Film Musicals

Fresh from the disappointment of the failure of ‘Beeching Express: The Musical (The Story of the Man who Broke the Railways)’, Andrew Lloyd Webber, an aspiring composer of musicals walks into a South London pub, the night Hendrix died (or was it Monroe?). He meets up with old friend Tim Mandy-Rice Davies, an aspiring lyricist of musicals. Tim introduces Andrew to his friend Jesus who’s got a great idea for a musical. But first they have to explain ‘rock’n’roll’ to young Andrew . . . Songs include ‘Could I Love a Sailor?’, ‘Beat Me Whip Me’, ‘The Crucifixion Can Can’, ‘Don’t Cry For Me Clapham Junction’ and ‘The Critics Will Eat You Alive’.
92 pages
First published by Desert Hearts in 2000