A Musician’s Guide to Surviving the Great Recession – Practical Tips for Living a Truly Better Life in a Precarious Economy


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Live better on less and have more fun doing it!

This tongue-in-cheek guide offers hardcore, real-world, practical advice on how anyone can survive in a precarious economy. Learn useful tips and creative strategies, from a hardworking musician who, like most professional musicians, knows, from hard-won experience, how to not only keep the annoying wolf from the door, but how to give him a painful wedgie, so he’ll finally give up and leave you the f*&k alone.

Two reasons you should take seriously what this book has to say:
1. Musicians are experts at living on next-to-nothing. Musicians, notoriously unemployed and underpaid, have always had to get by on less, so we’re well versed in the tricks and strategies of bare-bones, economic survival.

But, of course, sheer survival is not nearly enough.

2. Musicians know how to live fun, fulfilling and productive lives without following all the mind-numbing, conventional ‘9 to 5’ rules of mainstream society! Musicians don’t like to admit it out loud, but the truth is… we sleep late, we have more (and better) sex and we have way more fun at our jobs than most folks. Lawyers practice, accountants calculate, plumbers plumb, but musicians… well, when we go to work… we play!

You can hold your breath and wait for the global economy to improve… or you can read this book!

– 76 pages / 9ins x 6ins
Published by The Artists League, 2013


Tip #1: Think and Act Like a Multinational Corporation or Government (i.e. Lie, Cheat and Steal), Part 1
Tip #2: Get Your Dog a Credit Card
Tip #3: If It Ain’t Broke, Whaddaya Need a New One For? (But You Might Want to Bring It in for a Tune-Up)
Tip #4: What Do You Really Give-a-Shit About?
Tip #5: Musicians Are of the Curious Belief That They Have a Right to Exist!
Tip #6: Be a Lazy Son-of-a-Bitch!
Tip #7: Congratulations! You’re Fired!
Tip #8: Those Lousy, Rotten M*&ther $@?#ing +%%&oles! (Get Mad!)
Tip #9: Borrow Money from Your Rich Friends or Relatives
Tip #10: Give Yourself a Good KickStarter in the Ass (or… If You Keep Moving, You Can Pass Your Finger Through a Flame)
Tip #11: You’re Not as Crazy as You Think (O.K., Maybe Just a Little Bit, But Make It Work for You!)
Tip #12: Contrary to Popular Opinion, Parallel Lines Do Eventually Meet
Tip #13: Fuck ’Em! Don’t Pay Your Bills!
Tip #14: Think and Act Like a Multinational Corporation or Government (i.e. Lie, Cheat and Steal), Part 2
Tip #15: Dilly Dallying with Swiss Miss and Bahama Mamma – The Fine Line Betwixt Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion (And How to Minimize the Risks of Identity Theft)
Tip #16: Live Your Own Life, Not Somebody Else’s (Hey, You’re Going to Die Anyway So You Might as Well Live the Life You Really Want to Live)

A. Musician is an internationally known recording artist with a string of chart-topping hits, TV and Film soundtracks to his credit. And, no, in spite of all those hit records, he’s not rich – but he gets by. He lives in a treehouse in the wilds of NY state with his beautiful wife and too many squirrels to count.