The Virgin Killers (The Public School Chronicles Vol. 1)

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When two Jesuit priests die violently at an exclusive Catholic boarding school, an inquisitive teacher and an investigative journalist decide to get to the bottom of the mystery. But Hugh Weld and his ex-lover Sara Reeve soon find themselves pitted against the closed ranks of sinister lawyers, Freemasons and English Catholics. The pair of amateur sleuths embark on a dangerous journey of discovery that leads them from the witch-haunted fells of Lancashire to the pagan fires of the Lewes Bonfire. The action is set against the backdrop of a country in political turmoil as voters, fearful that Britain is losing its power to Europe, are hungry for a new regime . . .
Watch out for future titles in ‘The Public School Chronicles’ including: An Overseas Boy and Blood Confession (already published), Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, Black Pope Dead Pope, and Death Of A Public Schoolboy.
– 320pp
Published October 2003