The Big Bardaid Book


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The RRRANTS Collective are an eclectic band of independent poets, storytellers and songwriters who perform, record and publish new and innovative material, using their weight as a group to help promote the individual. All profits raised by the organisation are used to fund The Bardaid Initiative which uses the money to buy contemporary, non-curriculum poetry books which they then donate into school libraries in the hope of inspiring the Wii generation to put down their joysticks, pick up their pens and become the voices of tomorrow.

The Big Bardaid Book is a collection that brings together some of the better known wordsmiths on the performance poetry circuit and blends them with voices seeing print for the very first time. It is an excellent introduction to an often underrated and overlooked artistic medium. If you think that poetry is all clouds, flowers and declarations of unrequited love, then prepare to have your mind and soul expanded. The RRRANTS Collective recognise no boundaries and adheres to none of the stifling literary rules that you may previously have expected from your poets.

Featuring works by Attila The Stockbroker, TV Smith, Paul Lyalls, Mel Jones, Alan Wolfson, Helen McCookerybook, Poeterry!, Jo Bell, Paul Eccentric and many more.

– 96 pages
Published by Desert Hearts/RRRANTS, December 2011