Tatar Phrasebook (Romanised)

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atar is the Turkic language of the Republic of Tatarstan, which forms part of the Russian Federation. It is known as Kazan Tatar and is also spoken by many millions of speakers in neighbouring regions such as those in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Significant Tatar emigré communities also exist in other countries such as China, Finland, Turkey, Australia, and the USA. There are more than seven million speakers of Kazan Tatar worldwide. This phrasebook presents Tatar in an easy-to-use romanised script to aid instant communication. An informative grammar section and pronunciation guide introduce the phrase section. Also included is a resourceful two-way dictionary containing more than 4,000 entries. Observations related to travel and culture are also interspersed throughout the phrasebook.

– more than 4,000 entries.
– 184 pages

Published Bennett & Bloom, 2009