An Overseas Boy (The Public School Chronicles Vol. 2)

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After Anglo-Indian George Sinclair comes of age in an English public school he enters the shadowy worlds of espionage and voodoo in Central America and the Caribbean. Darkly funny, this satirical thriller traces the life and loves of an obsessive anti-hero from his Catholic school and Oxford college to MI6, black ops . . . and murder. An Overseas Boy also takes you down the dark path of the occult, seasoned with a peppering of violence, headshrinking and illicit sex to create a heady cocktail – at times sleazy, at all times deliciously disturbing.

This is Volume 2 of The Public School Chronicles. Other titles include: (out now) The Virgin Killers, Blood Confession, and (all forthcoming) Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, Black Pope Dead Pope, Death Of A Public Schoolboy.

– 352 pages, hardback

Published by Desert Hearts, 2005

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