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Welcome to the Morecambe Goth Passion Play family!

Please read around the Act 2 playlets and see what you feel comfortable with and let me (Nick Awde, producer) know – / 07961154590.

Note that in each playlet the central character is a goth in each case, all casting is gender fluid, all script texts are fluid too.

Briefly, we’re welcoming performers, costumiers, stewards to join us. It’s on a volunteer basis (although we have professional actors to play Jesus and the Goth who will be paid), because this is a community event, but we’re aiming to make this a truly unique event that will grow and come back every year. Date and times are Saturday April 20th, 2pm-4pm, rehearsals to fit your schedule in the week running up to it.

We’ll start outside outside with Jesus dragging his cross along the Promenade, and the Goth arriving from beach. The Goth then invites everyone into the Alhambra.

Inside is the rest of the performance, with Jesus’ story played onstage, the Goth’s life played from the audience. The death scenes will have a particular resonance this way.

Things take a break in the passion story to allow the audience to be guided around to see playlets that reflect life for many in the UK will play in rooms and nooks/crannies about the building. We would like to film these as filmlets, with objects in the room reflecting the setting of the play.

We’ll record them on iPhone, no pressure, and put out a call for loans of projectors. Each filmed performance will loop for 50mins until the next act starts. The characters in the films would be people who are the live supporting roles in the Jesus/Goth story – that’s you maybe!

The characters may have to go with the crowd in public, but everyone has a different Passion to go home to.

Basically there are options to do a filmed playlet and a live supporting character, either or both. Costumes will be as we find them…

A passion play is a traditional folk performance where the betrayal, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is enacted by a community at Easter time.

The playlets and the Goth make this into a morality play rather than a religious one, connecting the Other with the lives we lead today.

We’ll have collection buckets at the end for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and (tbc) for kids’ activities at the West End Primary School.